Our wines are made from grapes that we grow ourselves. Most of our effort is in the vineyard, where we devote considerable time to fine tuning the balance between the leaf canopy and the fruit. Not too much crop, not too little, just the right amount for the best flavors that our site can produce. Our winemaking practices are minimal. No extended maceration. We use only neutral French oak barrels in order to minimize oak flavor.

Our minimum order is 3 bottles (does not apply to magnums). We offer sampler packs that include 1, 2 or 3 bottles of 4 different wines. If you want to order a different combination of wines that totals at least 3 bottles, we’ll start the order for you and then send you a link to a secure shopping cart. Email us at and tell us what you want to order. (And if you haven’t ordered from us before, please provide your address and phone number so we can start your order.)

Shipping: Although our default shipping method is FedEx Ground, it is now too warm for ground shipping except to coastal destinations in CA, OR and WA. For all other states, we offer reasonably priced safe summer air shipping programs from FedEx or UPS. (Which one depends on the state.) We use pulp shippers. Please do not ask us to hold your order until the fall. We do not have the space.

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